Quality & Craftsmanship of Dean Brochard Watches

Craftsmanship is a fundamental value for Dean Brochard, so that is why we dedicated a lot of time to research and test the best materials to create our iconic timepieces. 

In order to bring to life Lueur Collection, our founder personally took care of the selection of the watch components, putting handmade craftsmanship as an essential requirement.

Most of Dean Brochard's watches creative process is handmade, from Italian leather straps to the movement and dial assembling.
Each step of our production is marked by a great attention to detail, care, and passion.

Quality is a top priority and customer satisfaction is essential, so for this reason, we created timepieces made to last, featuring hypoallergenic anti-fade stainless steel cases, anti-scratch dials in sapphire crystal, refined Italian genuine leather straps with hidden butterfly buckle, and the incredible precision of the innovative Japanese Miyota movement

As our founder declared:
"I deeply believe that handmade craftsmanship is Dean Brochard's main signature. I knew I wanted to create legendary timepieces for iconic people, so I put high-quality first."

Written by Eva Volpi