Classique and Legende series


When we created Lueur collection we wanted to give life to unique timepieces, for her and for him, able to embrace the full spectrum of contemporary elegance, in order to let the wearer free to choose how to express his own personality.

That's why we created two lines: Classique and Legende, which are two designs that share the same spirit but differ in subtle but important elements able to make a big difference in style.

Let's discover more about Classique and Legende and see which model suits your personality.


Wear Classique. Be an icon.

The beauty of Classique watch is enclosed in the duality of classic elegance combined with contemporary style, and its unique spirit is expressed by the refined roman numerals featured on the dial that are able to communicate a timeless style statement in a very sophisticated form. Classique watch is dedicated to those who want to be iconic by wearing a timepiece that it's not an accessory but a must-have. 





Wear Legende. Be a legend.

Legende watch embodies a youthful spirit fused with a legendary design. What differentiates this timepiece from the Classique one are the sleek lines featured on the dial, that express a bold style thanks to a minimalist yet powerful design. Legende watch is dedicated to those who wants to communicate their legendary personality thought a watch that symbolizes a fashion essential. 





After discovering the true essence of our Classique and Legende watches from Lueur collection, allow yourself to embrace your unique style by heading over to Dean Brochard's website to choose the timepiece that meets best with your personality and fashion sense.


Written by Eva Volpi