DB story is made of an iconic encounter that led to a legendary vision.

Our story began when our founder, left Sweden for a weekend trip to the Azure Coast looking for inspiration for his next life adventure.
One early morning while he was enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of the dock, one particular boat caught his eye.
It was a beautiful and classic brown wooden boat, named Brochard.

The owner of the boat, a young and stylish American man with Italian and French roots, introduced himself as Dean
and invited our founder to join his entourage on board. With a friendly yet charming attitude,
Dean told all about his self-made success, his worldwide adventures, along with his lifestyle based on a strong value to live life to the fullest:
Be an icon. Look like a legend.

The high-quality craftsmanship of the boat, with its elegant lines, gold and silver details and leather accents,
as well as Dean's legendary personality and his modernly refined fashion sense worked as a genius revelation for our founder,
who felt a great inspiration and drew on his sketchbook the raw designs
of what is now - Lueur - Dean Brochard's first watch collection composed by two lines:
Classique inspired by timeless icons, and Legende inspired by the legends in our lives

Our Lueur collection

Our Lueur collection, featuring two watch series Classique and Legende, embodies effortless elegance entwined with timeless glamour.
Our founder designed a timeless rectangular shape combined with light or dark dial option
and high-quality interchangeable straps in genuine leather, in order to make Dean Brochard's watch
an essential for everyday elegance to wear everywhere and anytime.