In Sweden we love minimalism because it allows us to enjoy life to its fullest. It is a life approach that provides us with the opportunity to create and experience amazing adventures.

Our story began when our founder, who has a passionate interest for vintage watches, set out on a weekend trip to the Azure Coast. One morning he set out early to greet the sun and sat down with his espresso and his sketchbook on a bench overlooking the dock, in search for inspiration for his next life adventure. One boat in particular caught his eye, a beautiful and classic brown wooden boat, named Brochard, and once he finished his coffee, he decided to admire it from a closer distance.

The owner of the boat, a distinguished looking fellow with an elegant yet casual style, introduced himself as Dean and invited our founder onboard. He was taken by the minimalistic design and craftsmanship of the boat, with its elegant straight lines and details in gold, silver and leather that clearly had been taken care of with a great passion. After thanking Dean for his hospitality, our founder returned to the bench and pulled out his sketchbook. Inspired by the chance meeting he jotted down the raw ideas that would later become first collection of Dean Brochards timepieces - Lueur - in commemoration of unexpected adventures and rewards of life on the mystical and glowing Riviera.

Our Lueur collection
Our Lueur collection was born in the overlap between Swedish minimalism and the elegance and glamour of the Azure Coast; and our founder’s intention for the wearer to always look sophisticated yet relaxed. Its timeless square shape fits the wrist beautifully and offers the wearer the adventure of choosing his or her own style by mixing and matching between bright and dark dials and straps in different colors. Always delightful, never identical.