DB story is made of an iconic encounter that led to a legendary vision.
Dean Brochard is made for all confident people who want to feel special at all times. The timeless design with quality material are reminiscent of glamour and luxury for the modern him and her.

Dean Brochard is founded from an trip to France where Brochard was carved in a beautiful stone that had not aged. Dean Brochard stands for the fact that quality is never afraid of aging. Our founders with passion of artisan craftmanship felt a great inspiration from the trip and drew the raw designs of what is now - Lueur - Dean Brochard's first watch collection composed by two lines:

Classique inspired by timeless icons, and Legende inspired by the legends in our lives.

Our Lueur collection
Our Lueur collection, featuring two watch series Classique and Legende, embodies effortless elegance entwined with timeless glamour. Our founder designed a timeless rectangular shape combined with light or dark dial option and high-quality interchangeable straps in genuine leather, in order to make
Dean Brochard's watch an essential for everyday elegance to wear everywhere
and anytime.