The Story Behind Our Brand | Dean Brochard
The story behind Dean Brochard is made of strong values and a clear aesthetic vision. 

Our founder has always been passionate about watches and refined style, so he felt the need to provide people something iconic and high-quality that could upgrade their style, making them feel modernly sophisticated. 
After many months of hard work, creative design and selection of refined materials, Lueur collection came to life. A classy and high-quality watch line made of two series Classique and Legende, that embraces both European and American classic fashion sense, dedicated to women and men who love everyday elegance.

Dean Brochard's watches have been created with their iconic rectangular design and interchangeable leather straps in genuine leather, in order to be the perfect essential to add an effortlessly chic touch to every look in every occasion. 

As our founder declared:
"To me, Dean Brochard stands for a bold statement: We are unique and we are not afraid to keep our standards high while expressing ourselves through our daily style. Dean Brochard's watches are not an accessory, they are essential." 
Written by Eva Volpi